by Martin Blank
directed by Elise Thoron
4th Street Theatre | NYC
New York City premiere
Produced by Phil Newsom & Lanie Zipoy

Inspired by the events surrounding the polarizing Jay Pollard espionage case, Martin Blank’s original spy thriller The Law of Return depicts the actions of a notorious intelligence analyst abusing his level of access and threatening U.S. national security-or is he?

Praise for The Law of Return

The New York Times: “Evenhanded! Sleek staging.” “As satisfying as any spy movie and twice as smart! Director Elise Thoron amazingly keeps us on the edge of our seats for the full 75 minutes…[Playwright Martin] Blank is able to raise a lot of intelligent questions about the nature of trust and duty. [Joel] Rooks is stunningly authentic in his portrayal of Eitan, using a soft approach to achieve his hard objectives.”

New Jersey Jewish Standard by Miriam Rinn: “crisply written and directed play”

Washington Jewish Week by David Levesley: “[Martin] Blank’s characters drive the play’s drama with their struggle to reconcile paradoxical beliefs…These are just the sort of Big Questions live theater was meant to take on.”

DC Theatre Scene by Jeffrey Walker: “The Law of Return is about family. It looks at protecting the family and it’s definitely about information and what is a person’s responsibility to protect people.”