The Birthday Boys
by Aaron Kozak
directed by Montserrat MendezNew York premiere
produced by Phil Newsom for ArtEffects Theatre Company

Three Marines captured by insurgents during an unheard-of infiltration of the Al Asad green zone struggle with the horror of captivity and their unknowable fate.  But what first appears to be a kidnapping unravels an emotionally complex trio of characters dealing with major values such as honor, good, evil, commitment, ethics, God and country.  Tense, hilarious and frequently heart-wrenching, The Birthday Boys keeps us guessing on the edge of our seats, as we barrel towards a shocking climax.

Praise for The Birthday Boys

Huffington Post: “Aaron Kozak’s story of three young Marines blindfolded and held hostage, tortured, forced by their Iraqi captors to give filmed messages calling for the unilateral withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq, is surprisingly hilarious.”

PopMatters:The Birthday Boys revives the notion that men don’t cry. Men don’t squeal. Men don’t betray people they’ve sworn to protect. Men grasp that there is something larger and more meaningful in life than themselves. And men will never cease to surprise you.”

Critic Sarah B. Roberts: “I think this production of this amazing play would make an excellent debut on Broadway, and dare I say it, eventually a cinematic release.   It is definitely one of the best I’ve seen, marrying drama and humor in the best possible way.”