Land of the Babydolls
by Kristine Hipps and Lauren Cavanaugh
produced by Phil Newsom for  Zenbaby Theatre Company
New York premiere

This silly 60’s comedy is a twisted tale of a girl, Lana, who leaves the comfort of her Vermont home to find herself in the big city of New York. She meets many talented people, including Stevie O’Mara, a bright starlet with a big downfall of drug use. Lana also meets Tiger, the sexy agent who gets her motor running. The characters go on a wild ride driven by greed, drugs, and a quest for fame, and a few of them get there, but with a price. Sound familiar? Yes, it may be a parody loosely based off of a famous trashy novel by Jacqueline Susann.

Praise for Land of the Babydolls
Reviewed by Theatreonline.com: “What The Rocky Horror Picture Show did for B-sci fi movies, and Clue did for the classic Parker Brothers board game, Zenbaby Theatre’s “Land of the Babydolls” does for the infamous book (and movie) Valley of the Dolls. This is by far the most entertaining new musical so far this year, and a must see for anyone who enjoys comedy, pathos, musicals, or camp in any form.”

“Land of the Babydolls is that rare breed of new show that, created by relative unknowns has the potential to become a long running cult hit. A the perfect show for a venue such as New World Stages. Zenbaby Theatre is a company to watch, and Land of the Babydolls is hands down a land to visit.”