Avenue of the Americas
by Martin Blank
Co-Producer – Newsom/Cantwell Productions
premiered at the Tank Theatre in NYC in February 2011.

A 30-year-old woman on the lamb from a New Jersey mental institution becomes the  queen of Madison Avenue. Her extreme advertising campaigns become wildly  popular, winning awards and blue chip clients. As well as the heart of New  York’s most eligible bachelor. Still, her commercials reek havoc with her boss,  the Catholic Church, and certain cat owners. Avenue of the Americas is a dark,  comic ride that asks the question; how far would you go to have it all?


Praise for Avenue of the Americas:

Off Broadway.com: “Martin Blank takes us into the world of advertising with his Paddy Chayefsky-stylized dark comedy…crackling with sharp wit, but also proving to be a scathing satire on instant fame and the price one has to pay for it.”

The Happiest Medium: “It will sharpen your awareness to exactly how infused our society has become with sound bites, false ideals and jingles.”

Scallywag & Vagabond: “Certain messages are timeless – they hold special meaning regardless of the when they’re heard. You only have a handful of chances left to see this extravaganza. I suggest you get to it.”